To do good
To do good

To save, multiply with the efforts and labours the parents heritage is a holy debt of my hearth, is my fame and virtue, - these words of the famous Russian historian N.M. Karamzin characterize in full the stand in life of Vladimir Alexandrovitch Batenkov the Director General of AO Transpnevmatika.

AO Transpnevmatika

AO Transpnevmatika is a multisectoral factory, activity of that is manufacture of spare parts of railway locomotives, tramcars and other driving carriages and rolling stock; manufacture of railway equipment and of means for railways, tram roads and other ways, of mechanical and electromechanical equipment for train dispatching; of air and vacuum pumps; of air and gas compressors; of iron castings; of parts and accessories of cars and their motors; of railway rolling stock (locomotives, tram driving carriages and other rolling stock).

All the production, that is manufactured with AO Transpnevmatika and composes United list of production that is subject to the obligatory certification, has certificates of conformance of Certification system on the Federal railway transport ().


            AO Transpnevmatika fulfils commitments to the customers on the basis of the following principles of collaboration:


  • honesty, decency;

  • individual approach to the customer;

  • unconditional fulfillment of the commitments.


The presented articles of the site contain brief information about our factory.


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